About The FS-2500 Bypass Filtration System:

A filter element has been inserted inside the filter bowl on the FS-2500 filtration system prior to installation on your equipment. It will be necessary to replace that element periodically to maintain the filtration needed to ensure long oil drain intervals and to help increase the life of your engine. The time between filter changes is determined by the conditions in which your equipment is operating. On-road vehicles can typically go 10,000 miles before the element needs to be replaced. Off-road vehicles need to have the element replaced every 250 hours of operation. The existing full flow oil filters only need to be replaced when it is determined that the oil requires draining or annually, which ever comes first.

A periodic oil sample analysis is recommended to monitor the condition of the oil and the condition of the engine. Oil analysis can determine when the oil needs to be drained and replaced. If you would like to know more about how to use oil analysis in your preventative maintenance program we will be happy to help you.


Instructions For maintaining The FS-2500 Bypass Filtration System

Turn off engine and allow to cool before servicing filter. The filter unit is under pressure while the engine is running. The oil is hot and can cause burns.

Place a drain pan below the filter unit as oil will drip from around the top of the bowl when removed. Loosen 3/4" hex head bolt and support filter bowl to prevent it from falling when the bolt is removed. Remove bowl from head and dump oil and element into drain pan. Remove the o-ring from the groove in the head and install the new o-ring provided. Replace the seal under the head of the assembly. Insert the new element in bowl and position bowl under head and install bolt. Hold the bowl up against head while tightening bolt to be sure bowl aligns squarely into groove. Tighten bolt until bowl seats securely against o-ring. It should not require more than 50 ft. lb. Dispose of the used element and oil properly according to local disposal codes.

Start the engine and carefully inspect the system and all the hoses and fittings for leaks. Repair as necessary. The element displaces 1 1/2 quarts of oil and the reservoir will need to be topped off as required after element replacement is complete.


Service Procedure For The FS-2500

Change the oil and full flow filter on the engine you will be installing the FS-2500 on. If you plan on using an oil analysis program take a sample of your terminal oil. If you intend on extending your oil drain interval, Filtration Solutions strongly recommends using oil analysis to verify your oils condition. Install the FS-2500. Once the system is installed the service for the FS-2500 is as follows.


Once you have reached your normal oil drain interval "typically 5,000 miles", change your engine oil, the full flow filter and the FS-2500 element and take an oil sample. This early changing of all the fluids and filters will allow us to clean anything that is residual out of the engine.


When you reach 5,000 miles take an oil sample but do not change any oil filters or your oil. Now you will have three oil samples to be able to track the condition of your engine and most importantly the condition of your oil.


At 10,000 miles take an oil sample and change the element in the FS-2500 only. Use your oil analysis as a tool to determine if your oil is good for continued use. Continue repeating step three every 10,000 miles until you reach your oil drain extension goal or your oil analysis says that your oil is no longer good for continued use.


Once your oil is no longer good or you have reached your goal now it is time to change your oil, full flow filter and the element in the FS-2500. Repeat steps three and four.













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